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Tragedy in Brazil as Rockslide kills atleast 7

A horrendous tragedy unfolded in Brazil on Saturday, after a massive rock formation came loose over a lake, careening into the water killing at least 7 people.

The terrifying video shows a side of a mountain cascaded down onto 4 boats in Minas Gerais. You hear boaters scream in disbelief, as the rock formation makes contact with the boats, hurling them into the air. Two of the 4 boats hit sank.

The collapse was thunderous … as thousands of pounds of rock and debris hit the water. It’s all the more horrifying that it was by all accounts a serene day and you see the boaters relaxing and enjoying themselves until disaster suddenly struck.

Around 30 people are said to have been injured. There were heavy rains in the area, and authorities are now speculating the torrent of water may have been the cause of the mountain collapse. There are still 3 people missing.

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In Other News – Restrictions imposed in several states in India as COVID-19 cases rise

India reported 159,632 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, as the Omicron variant of the coronavirus continues to spread rapidly in the country, nudging several state governments to impose fresh restrictions.
India’s richest state, Maharashtra, said on Saturday it would close swimming pools and gyms from Monday while schools and colleges have been closed till February 15 after daily cases in the state jumped to over 41 000.

The state government has said only fully vaccinated people will be allowed into private offices while limiting the capacity to 50% of the total workforce. In the neighbouring state of Gujarat, authorities have extended night curfew hours and cancelled leave for all healthcare personnel. Read More

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