Home Scandals Truck driver pees in his [email protected] after running over a ghost: Video

Truck driver pees in his [email protected] after running over a ghost: Video


To all those who don’t believe in ghosts and African juju, you should watch the video below and see if you will still stick to that mindset. Trust me there is a supernatural world in this day and time we are living and it has been there since long long back. Its just our generation is being washed away in terms of such things.

However, if you watch the video below you will get to maybe see and understand that the is real and it does exist. Last night social media was flooded by a video of a truck driver who narrated his encounter with a ghost whilst he was driving during the night. He was brave enough to record the incident and shared it with others on the internet.

From his video, you can tell that he was afraid and he was telling the truth. As he narrated his ordeal he reveals that he even peed on himself because of fear. Check the video below

In Other News: Kabwe woman shares x-rated video on social media – WATCH

Leaked ex-rated videos seem to the norm these days. Barely a week after politician and PF member Lukombo Kalimba’s s_ex video flooded social media, another video is making the rounds.kabwe woman1

This time a h0ny a Kabwe woman’s video is trending, in the video the woman is seen touching herself while singing along tolearn more

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