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WATCH: Woman dies after twerking [email protected] on stage

A self-proclaimed slay queen from Ghana died after twerking on stage at a carnival last weekend in the West African country’s Kasoa district.

Ama Broni is said to have jumped on stage during a performance by an artist who dared someone in the crowd to come up and twerk for $100.

According to Ghanian news sites the artist known as Original Shana told a radio host that wanted to hype up the crowd so he announced that he needed someone to twerk.

He allegedly announced that he needed someone who can remove [his/her] underwear and twerk for $100.

“According to him, a guy first showed up for the challenge before the lady appeared on the stage. Shana revealed he was shocked when Ama Broni went completely [email protected] to twerk on the stage”, said website ghgossip.

Videos on social media sites show a woman identified as Broni dancing on stage without underwear and some men trying to touch her.

She stops and walks away towards the back of the stage.

Another blog by Linda Ikeji claims that being touched inappropriately made her stop dancing and walk off.

“Some eyewitnesses claim that while making her way down the stage to avoid further harrassments, the mother of two was electrocuted but did not help from those around her because they thought she was still being hyper.

It wasn’t until she fell that they got to her and quickly rushed her to the hospital where she was confirmed dead. However, other eyewitnesses alleged that Ama died after she jumped and broke her neck while trying to escape from men that were assaulting her s.e.xually during her dance performance”,said the blogger.

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