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Twist in Mercy Cowham and Bowman Lusambo saga

Mercy Cowham

The family of Mercy Cowham has disclosed that Mercy Cowham left one of her children at a Lodge in Kitwe as security for her unpaid bills.

Mercy had booked a room at Dew Waters Guest House in Buchi, for an extended period while she allegedly conducted recruitment for workers for the Mines.

After many weeks, the owner realised that Mercy had no contract with the mines or its agencies, and no money to pay, she demanded that Mercy vacated the Guest House and settles the huge Bill.

Mercy fled but left her child as security phoning later that she would return to settle the bill and pick the child.

And Amanda Veach, owner of the Guest House in Buchi, Kitwe, confirmed that Mercy left the infant in 2016 and has never returned.

The Child, Chipego remains in Kitwe under the care of Mrs. Veatch.

Chicago, who will turn 6 years old in November 2021, is now called Chabupe (Gift) by the new guardians.

The family said Mercy had traveled to Kitwe because she was recruiting workers for the mines.

Mercy’s stay in Kitwe is traced to 2014 when she was pregnant with Chipego.
She disclosed to her Aunt that the teacher from Roan Antelope Secondary School (RASS) was responsible for the pregnancy.

But the teacher differed with Mercy over the age of the pregnancy. Mercy later settled with a Policeman from Kamfisa Training College.

The “marriage” didn’t last and Mercy left for Lusaka. It’s during this period, Mercy began to conduct the workers’ recruitment.

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