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Two men arrested after been found in possession of a suspected human skull and teeth

Police arrest two men after they were found in possession of a suspected human skull and teeth, which they kept in their backyard

TWO people in Lusaka have been arrested for being in possession of what’s suspected to be a mortal cranium and teeth.

The suspects have been linked as Voster Kaoila aged 44 and Victor Nyambe aged 42 both of Meanwood Ndeke area in Lusaka.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga says the suspects were restrained around 0249 hours moment.

“ The suspects were restrained moment at around 0240 hours in Meanwood Ndeke by Police officers who before had entered information that the suspects had a mortal cranium and that it was being kept behind their house. It’s contended that the suspects picked the suspected mortal cranium and teeth from Kalayanje area in Chisamba District where they went to cost fire wood, ” he said.

Mr Hamoonga says the cranium was allegedly picked up on June, 4th this time.

Police have opened an inquiry train while the two suspects are in police guardianship.

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