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TY2 to divorce for the second time

With only just a year in his new marriage musician Mbangweta Titus Mwedawali alias TY2 is planning to file for divorce with his new wife.

A source close to the couple told Pamulomo that TY2 has started his old behavior of cheating on his wife as he did with his former wife Laria Ndafoka who sponsored him to go to Europe where he became a Casanova.

TY2 successfully managed to divorce his wife first wife Laria and married her best friend Tathiana Chikumbi last year.


However, after Laria changed the life of Ty2, the Smile hit maker began having a s*xual affair with his ex-wife’s best friend Tathiana Chikumbi and ended up impregnating her.
After Laria Ndafoka found out, while she was in Europe, she opted to file for divorce.

As the divorce proceedings were taking place, Ty2 and Tathiana were busy preparing to tie a knot and got married last year in Lusaka at a colorful ceremony which was graced by Justice Minister Given Lubinda.

The event also saw Ty2’s close friend Hamoba perform some of his old songs which mesmerised the attendants, despite the controvesy of whole wedding.
This will be the second time TY2 is divorcing his girlfriend’s.

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