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Uebert Angel’s church exposed for being a cult


Uebert Angel’s church exposed for being a cult

According to the source, there have been several complaints from various women in his Church that claim Uebert is actually a s.e.xual predator and he devours several married women in his Church. His wife covers his misdeeds by paying off people that confront the Church leadership.Uebert Angel 1

Below are the full findings of the investigator….

Remember a few months ago, I criticised Uebert Angel’s wife for wearing a dominatrix style outfit in front of their congregation? Many of you told me that his wife was a qualified designer and that her style of dressing was unique and impeccable.
I took that post down but in my heart I knew that if a Pastor’s wife can dress so provacatably while standing in front of a congregation, then something must be amiss. Well, something is definitely amiss in Umbert Angel’s Church located in England.

Uebert Angel’s Church has all the hallmarks of a Cult. A leader that brainwashes his followers into believing that if they speak against him they risk being struck down by the hand of God. Nonsense!!

Bushiri, Chris, Lukau are all cut from the same cloth. Gospel Gangsters that smear butter on the faces of their sheepish followers for profit and s.e.xual gratification. Bushiri will be caged…Uebert Angel and his wife will equally be Caged very soon.

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