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UK-based Zambian man offers to adopt the viral kabwe boy Abraham Silungwe

Abraham Silungwe

The future is bright for little Abraham Silungwe who has received tremendous support after a Kabwe resident Mr Hagra Tembo shared his plight on Facebook. Abraham would show up at Mr Tembo’s shop every day just to see his friends being picked up and dropped off by the school bus.

So far, the school he admired, Charinatha, has offered him a place and scholarship to grade 7. A lot of material support has been trickling in since then and to date, even money for the school bus fare has been raised.

On top of all this, a Zambian based in UK has even offered to come and pick Abraham and stay with him in UK and educate him that side, Mr Tembo has revealed.
“Zambians, we are generous, I didn’t realise we are such good people. God Bless you all,” Mr Tembo said in his post.

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