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University of Zambia bans wearing of mini skirts

The University of Zambia has issued a directive around its library premises telling female students to dress more modestly.

mini skirt

“It has come to our attention that some female students dress half-naked as they use the library, a situation which is disturbing the male students,” the notice in the library reads.

mini skirts

“We therefore advise the female students to dress modestly as you use university facilities. Modest is the way to go!”


Zambia is largely conservative and authorities have declared it a Christian nation. Barbra Musonda, a student at the school of education and a devout Catholic, however, backed the university’s decision.

She told AFP that some students go to the library without underwear or even bare-breasted. “What happens in the library is not acceptable of a Christian nation,” said Musonda.

Student Gertrude Ngwira went so far as to suggest the introduction of a dress code for female students. “Let them introduce a dress code not only for the library but even when attending lectures. The dressing by most girls is really unacceptable,” she said.

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