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University of Cape Town in flames as historic structures destroyed


Over a century of history has gone up in smoke as the University of Cape Town’s library became the latest victim of Sundays horrific fire on Table Mountain, South Africa. Literary treasures have been lost however some of the most valuable works were reportedly saved by the quick activation of roller doors. Rhodes Memorial Restaurant was completely burnt down and other buildings as well as several vehicles also went up in flames.

The huge fire on Table Mountain in Cape Town is believed to have begun at around 09h00 on Sunday morning and began heading towards the University of Cape Town.The fire spread to the veld above the Upper campus and to areas below the M3 highway damaging buildings and forcing the University to evacuate 4000 students.

The Table Mountain National Park spokesperson said Sunday had an extreme Fire Danger Index with temperatures of 36 degrees noted and an extremely low relative humidity of under 10% .One of the major contributors to the rapid rate of spread was the very old pine trees and their debris. The fire created its own wind that further increased the rate of spread. The excessive amount of smoke and related updrafts made it impossible for the aerial support to slow the rate of spread.

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