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University of Lusaka graduate starts making tables to make a living

Chibamba Chakaba

Chibamba Chakaba is a graduate of University of Lusaka who has turned to talent to earn a living. After his graduation, several attempts to get a job failed and sent him into depression which, fortunately, he recovered from.

He posts:

After I graduated, applied to different institutions but things couldn’t work out as expected then later on I was heart broken, this resulted in depression later recovered and decided to start a business venture of making nice tables and different crafts it all started like a joke with imaginery thoughts but today this venture provides me with resources that i never used to have before, am posting this short story to encourage you to utilize that God given talent that you have, you might not go through what I went through “pick it up” and you will head somwere to sustain yourself and am also glad to say unilus played a big role to enhance my skills on how to run my business above all let’s always be Faithful to God, when you handle God’s business first he will surely handle your business and other things concerning you.

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