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Update: Two girls left stranded after murder of Chifunabuli teacher Annette Lutanda Namungala

More details coming out following the brutal murder of a young Chifunabuli teacher Annette Lutanda Namungala indicate that her death has left two girls stranded.
The deceased was keeping two girls who, at the time of the murder, had gone to visit their parents at the village.

Upon return, the girls found the house locked and there was no response despite persistent knocking.

The two girls notified school authorities about their teacher going missing after they found the door to the house locked.

“She was sharing her village house with two girls, they should be grade six or seven. The day she was killed, they found the door locked after sunset.

They asked around and nobody saw her. So they went back to school and informed the deputy head who told them that she hasn’t travelled, she is around and she was with the very Chris Chisote (suspected killer) and they were even joking about something.

So when the girls noticed that it was getting late and the teacher was nowhere to be seen as the door was still locked, they decided to go to their parents where they spent a night,” a source narrated. “The following day, the girls insisted that their teacher was nowhere to be seen and the door to the house was still locked. So the deputy head teacher walked with the girls to the house to go and check.

They noticed the window was open. Then the deputy h/teacher noticed that she was on the floor. They reported to the police and the police gave them a go ahead to force the door open with the hope that she might be breathing, but sadly, she was gone.”

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