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UPND Accuse PF of offering a Bribe to UPND Mpulungu Parliamentary Candidate

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United Party for National Development (UPND) has accused the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) of offering the party’s Mpulungu Parliamentary candidate Leonard Mbao $1 million so that to withdraw his candidature in a electoral context with former Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe

UPND National Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa challenged Mr Sikazwe and the Patriotic Front to deny the fact that they have offered Mr Mbao $1 million to withdraw his candidature said reality is finally catching up with the PF that Zambians were annoyed with them.

Mr Mweetwa revealed during a media briefing in Choma that the Patriotic Front having sensed defeat for Mr. Sikazwe in the August Parliamentary election has offered the UPND candidate $1 million to have him withdraw and support the PF candidate in the election.

He said Mr Sikazwe has realised that his popularity and that of the PF in the area has reached its lowest levels having won the 2016 election through a paltry 200 votes difference with the UPND and now wants to use money as an escape route.

“Let the PF and Mr. Freedom Sikazwe who is a former area lawmaker deny the fact that on Saturday, they offered the UPND Alliance Parliamentary candidate $1million to withdraw his candidature. Let old man Sikazwe deny the fact that two weeks ago, he threatened Mr. Mbao with unspecified harm should he not withdraw from the 2021 Parliamentary race. Let him deny this. Leave the candidate alone. The people of Mpulungu just like the rest of the country are annoyed with the PF and are ready to vote for a more responsive government”, he said.

The UPND mouthpiece advised the PF to pack quietly and gracefully accept defeat because not even their illicitly obtained satanic money will save them from the wrath of Zambians this time around.

Mr Mweetwa added that Zambians have had enough of the PF and its poor socioeconomic performance while at the same time spent the entire five years not caring about the welfare of sectors such as small-scale traders, students and the civil service which they reigned on with terror.

“Time has now come for the Marketeers you were chasing around for their small earnings every day to now chase you out of power. Time has come for the civil servants you continuously downtrodden to have their voices heard through a ballot. Keep that illicitly acquired money to yourself because the people of Zambia do not want to share in your curse,” Mr. Mweetwa said.

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