Home Politics UPND adoption rivalry turns bloody as rival cadres shoot Mkushi aspiring candidate

UPND adoption rivalry turns bloody as rival cadres shoot Mkushi aspiring candidate


UPND cadres from a rival camp yesterday ambushed Mkushi aspiring candidate Topson Kunda and shot him in the leg. Violence has taken over the adoption process in the UPND ahead of the August 12 elections, with incidents earlier recorded in Western, Lusaka and Southern Provinces.

The ruling PF has since expressed shock and sadness at the turn of events in the UPND and called on police to arrest all those perpetrating violence.

“We have noted with much shock, fear and sadness the events unfolding in UPND during its adoption process. Violence and corruption have characterized the process with rival upnd camps resorting to shooting and hacking each other. Yesterday, UPND aspiring candidate for Mkushi Topson Pathias Kunda was ambushed and shot in the leg by UPND cadres from a rival camp,” PF media Director Sunday Chanda stated.

“Violent scenes have characterized UPND adoptions across many constituencies with Munali in Lusaka also recording bloody scenes. UPND supporters from Mike Mposha and Lilly Mutambo camps also clashed during adoption fight in Munali Constituency. The incumbent MP in Sikongo Constituency Likolo Ndalamei beat up party officials and tore UPND party documents after he came last in their primaries. In Bweengwa Constituency, UPND aspiring candidate Mubambe Muchende was chased and nearly beaten by supporters of incumbent, Kasautu Saiti Michelo.”

He urged UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema to tame his cadres and further called on police to arrest the perpetrators and ensure safety of lives and property.

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