Home Zambia News UPND cadres beat up residents of Mpika District

UPND cadres beat up residents of Mpika District


UPND cadres beat up residents of Mpika District

UPND cadres today unleashed violence against innocent and defenseless residents of Mununga area in Mpika District.

This violence was allegedly perpetrated by identified members of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s entourage as they made their way back to Lusaka from Northern Province today.

The violent attacks happened in full view of Mr Hichilema.

The cadres armed with machetes stormed a house of a Mununga resident, destroying his property and beating anyone who refused to shout their party slogan.

The attacks have left the victims with serious head injuries.

There has not been any condemnation of the violence from the opposition party, despite it happening in the presence of Mr Hichilema, the leader of the country’s largest opposition party.

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