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UPND Cadres Disrupt Live Radio Program To Attack Mpika PF MP

Mpika FM management says UPND cadres stormed the station on Wednesday and disturbed a live phone-in program featuring Mpika member of Parliament Francis Robert Kapyanga.

The Board, Management and Staff of Mpika FM Radio would like to express disappointment over what happened on Wednesday, 1st December 2021 around 20 hours when suspected UPND Cadres stormed the Radio Station and disturbed a Live Phone-In Program.

The Station was hosting the Mpika Constituency Member of Parliament, Honourable Francis Robert Kapyanga on a Live Phone-In Program dubbed “100 Days of the MP in Office” where developmental issues were being discussed.

Station manager Allan Dumingu stated that the cadres also ordered the station not to feature the opposition.

“A group of Cadres stormed the Radio Station around 20 hours and ordered the Presenter of the Program to stop the Program immediately, failure to which they would attack him and the security guard on duty and destroy the property of the Station. They said no Politician from the opposition should feature on Radio anymore. They threatened to deal with the Radio Station, the MP, and anyone else who would allow the Radio Station to feature opposition Political Parties and their members,” Mr. Dumingu stated.

He stated that the presenter complied with the thugs and discontinued the Programme for fear of being attached.

“The matter was reported to Mpika Police Station on Thursday, 2nd December 2021 where a Statement was recorded from Station Manager, the Presenter and the Security Guard on duty. Investigations are still underway by the Police and so far no suspects have been apprehended,” Mr Dumingu stated.

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