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UPND members meet and plot to cause chaos as hundreds attended the National Day Of Prayer

UPND members meet and plot to cause chaos as hundreds attended the National Day Of Prayer

Instead of attending the day of prayer and fasting yesterday, the opposition UPND held a meeting where plans were hatched to cause chaos in the country.

Information gathered by Zambia Reports indicates that the senior UPND members met UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema at his residence to plan on how to fight the police and cause chaos.

The meeting, among other things, received a security report from the UPND security team which briefed Mr Hichilema on how he should move from Lusaka to Chinsali.

The meeting also planned how to cause confusion along the way in which the UPND cadres will stone the HH convoy and later issue a statement that HH’s life is in danger and cannot proceed to Chinsali.

The UPND will then report the matter to Embassies in Lusaka.

The masculine cadres from Choma will then start beating people along the way in “retaliation” to the fake attack on HH.

Then all structures in the country have been instructed to issue statements once their plan works which will be sent to the Embassies.

Ideally, HH doesn’t want to report to Chinsali Police, the sources have revealed.

And UPND member of the national management committee Levy Ngoma confirmed about the meeting in a WhatsApp posting on Saturday night.

“We are having a meeting mailo (Sunday). This time around, UPND is ready for a showdown,” he said.

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