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UPND needs NDC and Vice Versa


UPND needs NDC and Vice Versa

To some extend, I concur with those saying no to HH/CK alliance. Exactly the same stance I had, not until my own private ground intelligence information/investigations data humbled me and finally I succumbed.

Truth is that CK has many flaws, but cannot be worse than the likes of Edgar and his minions. One of his biggest weakness is greed just like the politicians he left in PF that passed through the school of Micheal Sata politics. One of the greatest errors Micheal Sata made was to allow PF members to get contracts under the impression of 20% empowerment this only brought corruption and greed.

Is he Veep material under HH ?

The primary objective of any political party is to win elections. That being the case can Kambwili bring in votes that can enable HH increase his vote base? The answer is Yes. The GBM story must not just be rubbished. GBM did help HH in the 2016 elections by bringing in the Northern block and if the UPND had done it’s homework by protecting it’s votes, GBM would today be the Republican Veep.

When we look at the 2016 elections Kambwili single handedly delivered the Copperbelt and Northern regions for ECL. He was PF’s most effective campaigner and only one among cabinet Ministers assigned a chopper. His robust and effect communicating with the common man especially in the Northern region is what UPND is lacking with the departure of GBM.

Let’s look at Kambwili under HH.

One of the reasons many people who have ulterior motives for joining politics fail to work with HH is because he is a principled man.

What lacks today is strong govt institutions that can put politicans in check. I believe HH will institute institutional reforms for the police, DEC, ACC, ECZ and JUDICIARY etc that will be the backbone of governance issues. For example the ACC can be totally Independent of the political influence like in South Africa. This is the only way the fear of many ZAMBIANS concerning greedy and corrupt politicans can be addressed.

I believe that Kambwili can work properly under HH because he is a reasonable man and right now he knows what is at stake. If Kambwili wants to go back to PF today he can easily pack and go where he can easily be Veep but the man to his credit has refused despite being offered millions.

In short Kambwili on any given day is better Veep chose than any UPND official right now. The picture is bigger now and we cannot gamble with a political novice for Veep the stakes are too high. The soul of the nation is at stake.

To those who want to bring confusion in the Alliance

The Alliance was born to save Zambia the earlier everyone understand that, the better. It will be hot coming months. Some of us don’t care what matters are votes even in relationships we don’t marry a perfect spouse they all come with their good and bad characteristics but we concentrate on the good.

UPND needs NDC and Vice Versa. Even other well meaning opposition political parties should come aboard. We don’t need a divided opposition if we want to defeat PF in 2021. How many political parties was Michael Sata party of? UNIP before MMD then PF allied with UPND at some point. Before winning as PF.

-Zambian Observer

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