Someone must have told the UPND leaders the early bird catches the first worm. Ahead of the upcoming 2021 elections, they are already taking steps to ready themselves for another clash with the PF Party over control of this nation. Is it adequate one may ask, hard to tell but its a start if they intend to go down in history as an opposition party that came and fizzled away.

UPND Voter Registration

The people in this photo are UPND supporters being ferried in Rosa buses to get NRCs in readiness for the 2021 elections. This is just one place in Lusaka’s Chilenje where we are able to see, what of Southern, North Western and Western provinces? People have a right to acquire NRCs and so the UPND is in order. But why is the Patriotic Front sleeping? I came back from Chipata yesterday, the same thing is happening there.

Could it be that the PF party getting too comfortable and sleeping in the driver’s seat? It is time to be vigilant for any political party and layout blueprints for the electoral war ahead. After all Failing to plan is Planning to Lose.