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Sunday, June 20, 2021

UPND threatens to take PF to court

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Over the weekend, it emerged that President Edgar Lungu handpicked Central Committee members who were then approved at the National Council which will preceded weekend’s PF General Conference

Before the convention, both PF Secretary General Davies Mwila and National Chairman for Mobilisation Richard Musukwa confirmed separately that there going to be no elections to elect members of the Central Committee.

“Elections! Which elections? There will be no voting this weekend. We will only be endorsing the list of names that will come from State House,” Mr Mwila said in an interview.

He said the powers for the President to submit a list of officials he wants in the Central Committee is provided for under Article 57 of the PF Manifesto.

And Mr Musukwa said the delegates will be given a chance to deliberate on the President’s picks once the names are submitted to the General Conference. and the constitutional provision was designed to ensure that only those that are capable of working with the President at all times.

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