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UPND threatens violence against President Hichilema’s critics

Despite the existing freedom of expression President Hakainde Hichilema has repeatedly guaranteed, some Patriotic Front members will seemingly get some good beatings from the UPND youths for “insulting” the Head of State.

UPND Youth National Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso says he has no time to engage the police to handle those that are bringing personal attacks on the President but to handle such an individual physically.

Mr Liswaniso said he would rather lose his job that watch people insult the President.
He reminded the PF members that what they did to UPND while in power is worse than what UPND is doing to them.

“We will beat you up if you continue attacking the President. You will not even walk free in Lusaka. I will not even depend on the police. Enjoy your freedom, I know you have money but UPND youths are still hungry, angry and bitter,” he said.

“We will bite you. Criticize but don’t go personal on the Head of State.”
Meanwhile, Liswaniso implored Zambians to not complain over the “the little wrong things” under the new government adding that they should instead appreciate.

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