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UPND vows to take care of who worked faithfully worked with Sata

Patrick Mucheleka

UPND Deputy Secretary General for Politics Patrick Mucheleka says Minister of Defence , Davies Chama’s remarks on Former Republican Vice President Dr Guy Scott clearly reveals his ignorance on the Country’s history.

Speaking during the press briefing held at the Party Secretariat this morning, Mr Mucheleka advised Mr Chama to read the country’s political history in order for him to fully appreciate the enormous contributions that Dr Scott has made to the country’s democratic growth.

Mr Mucheleka charges that the disparaging remarks against former Republican Vice President and newly appointed UPND Chief Consultant, Dr Scott by Mr Chama was also a clear indication that the Defence Minister has no understanding of the PF’s foundation.

He noted that history was rife with Dr Scott’s numerous contributions to Zambia’s politics, saying the MMD’s first Mpika Central MP had an inseparable connection with the PF founding Father, late Michael Chilufya Sata.

“You can’t claim to love late Sata without loving Guy Scott. Guy Scott and Sata are synonymous. Guy Scott gave direction in 2011, 2015 and 2016 and this time around, he has given direction and this direction is ‘Zambia, Forward!’,” he said.

He wondered how Mr Chama and the PF expected Dr Scott to take leave from politics and rest when the ruling party has ravaged the country’s economy.

“How does Mr Chama expect Dr Scott to rest when the PF has mismanaged this country? Look at Simon Zukas! In his 90s, he’s still chairman of OCIDA. How can Mr Zukas keep quiet when this country has been destroyed by these ba Mwankoles?” asked Mr Mucheleka.

“It is clear that all those that fought with Mr Sata faithfully have all been discarded and UPND will take care of all those who contributed to the development of this Country”, said Mr Mucheleka.

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