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UPND youths dare Bowman Lusambo to prove his worth in parliament

Kapiri mposhi UPND youths have dared Lusaka province minister Hon Bowman Lusambo to at least show them just 10 videos of him debating in parliament then they will show him 20 and more of Kakubo in parliament.

The rift comes about as Bowman Lusambo while in Kapiri mposhi told the residents that him (Lusambo) was not only the minister of Lusaka province but of the republic of Zambia and that the reason Kapiri has not developed is because it’s area Member of parliament Hon Stanley Kakubo is never in parliament but always found at Manda Hill watching movies.

But Kapiri mposhi UPND constituency vice IPS media Kalonde Chisanga has reacted to Bowman Lusambo saying she does not agree that Kakubo is never in parliament as alluded by the Lusaka province minister hence she has thrown a dare challenge on him to produce to the media at least 10 video’s of him debating in Parliament before UPND in Kapiri release multitudes of videos of it’s area member of parliament debating.

In this video obtained from KNC TV and made available to CIC in Kapiri mposhi through Richard Banda Ms Kalonde and other officials react to Bowman Lusambo.
Watch the video.

In Other News: Scary prophecy issued for all those attending Ginimbi’s funeral

A woman by the name Nozipho Ndzukula has shared a prophecy about Ginimbi Funeral and is asking for prayers for people who attend the funeral. She posted the following message.


I do not know where or how to say this. My view might probably not be taken serious and others might...learn more

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