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Friday, September 24, 2021

UPND Youths In Lusaka Dares The Police As They Brave The Night Protecting Hichilema’s House

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Zambia was brought to a standstill anxiety last evening when the state operation to arrest the opposition UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema in connection with the Hantembo family went viral in a spate of minutes.

Internet went frenzy as operation was confirmed beyond propaganda that the UPND leader was poised to be arrested. This prompted a sharp response from UPND as they responded rapidly with a massive mobilization of youths within a short time and surrounded the house in new Kasama with over 3,000 youths .

High tempers and excitement to defend and protect HH kept the entire nation awake with youths daring the police to bring it on.

Lusaka province UPND youth Chairperson Mr Anderson Banda was at the time of the interview the lead leader said the 2017 history will not repeat itself this time around as police would have to go through the youths before they touch HH, Mr Banda warned that the entire nation will not seat down and keep watching their leader being unfairly mistreated while they watch.

” we are here and are ready to die for HH if that’s what it means, I have communicated to all my provincial youths countrywide to be on STANDBY wherever they are in ensuring that we don’t allow Dictatorship of Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu towards our leader. We will brave the night if it means shifting to protect him day and night we are ready we regret not protecting him in 2017 the story will not be the same this time around” Mr Anderson Banda said.

And Lusaka province youth coordinator Mr Brian Mulenga said if Mr Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu wants peace he must behave himself before he plunges the country on fire because UPND youths have had enough of intimidation not anymore. Mr Mulenga says it doesn’t make sense that life is so unbearable instead of people doing practical things to sustain their lives in the hash economic environment they found themselves guarding HH the whole night.

And Mr Trevor Mwiinde the National Deputy youth Chairperson Administration was part of the delegation of the youths and Mr Gilbert Liswaniso who is the lead National youth Chairperson the dual refused to comment saying they have no time to talk but wait for the police.

The government through the Zambia Police could not manage to execute the operation to arrest HH due to the hyper tension the country went into. Among the cases he is to be charged includes the missing of the Hantembo families to which he is being accused of keeping them. The UPND has warned of massive nationwide resistance at whatever cost towards the arrest of their party leader should their leader be touched. By morning this time the party has taken over security protection as the house will now be under 24/7 surrounded with the youths. Police spokeswoman Ms Esther Mwata Katongo is yet to address the press this midmorning about the situation.

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