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UPND Youths urged to defend party and it’s presidential candidate for 2021 Elections


UPND Copperbelt Provincial Chairman Mr Elisha MATAMBO has told the UPND youths on the Copperbelt at a youth provincial conference that time had come for them to rise up and defend the party as we prepare to take the government from the PF.

Mr. MATAMBO, who addressed about 1,000 youths drawn from all the 11 districts on the Copperbelt, said youths in the UPND should not only be ready to defend the party but also the party president Mr Hakainde HICHILEMA who has been endorsed as the 2021 general elections presidential candidate and sole presidential candidate at the yet to be held party General Assembly.

He said gone were the days when UPND youths watched the PF and the police arresting HH without any counteraction. This time around the youths should resist any attempt to arrest UPND’s capital (HH).

Mr MATAMBO said his leadership had resolved to protect the votes to the maximum in 2021 or any election before and he expected the same from the youths.

Copperbelt UPND Youth Provincial Chairman Kelly JIBINGA who assured Mr MATAMBO of his leadership’s resolve to protect the votes said the Youth Provincial Conference was organized for the same purpose of sensitising the youths to be united and prepare to protect votes whenever an election was held.

Mr Jibinga said the youths on the Copperbelt had also resolved that any attempt to arrest Mr Hakainde HICHILEMA by the PF government who have been setting the police on him in the recent past shall be met with sporadic counteractions.

And UPND National Youth Affairs Chairman Likando MUFALARI who was the guest of honour at the conference said there was a need for the youths to unite in the face of the higher levels of poverty and youth unemployment to ensure the PF and Edgar Lungu were removed from power.


Hon. MUFALARI said he was personally impressed with the initiatives being taken by the youths on the Copperbelt.

Mr MUFALARI said the National Youth leadership was in agreement with the resolution to endorse Party President Hakainde HICHILEMA as the 2021 presidential candidate.

The National Youth Affairs Chairman echoed the sentiments of the youths remaining united as the party continues preparing itself for the 2021 general elections or any election before.

Hon. MUFALARI who was flanked by his three deputies; Munji HABENZU (Administration), Gilbert LISWANISO (Politics) and Subeta MUTELO (Gender) said president Edgar LUNGU and the PF should not be allowed to rule Zambia beyond 2021.

He said president Edgar LUNGU and the PF have failed to prudently manage the economy thereby subjecting Zambians to higher levels of poverty and misery.

Hon. MUFALARI recounted that the PF government has been promising the youths 5,000 jobs which are never offered.

Meanwhile at the same function Hon. MUFALARI received more than 200 youths who defected from the ruling Patriotic Front citing lack of care for those who voted them into power and the failure to make food cheap in the country.

And the UPND Deputy National Youth Chairperson (Gender) Subeta MUTELO appealed to the women to ensure they mobilised themselves in big numbers to make it possible for the UPND to remove PF from the government.

She said the Zambian women have suffered a lot at the hands of the PF government who have failed to reduce the cost living with the Mealie Meal costing between K135 – K175 and a litre of petrol standing at K16 while electricity tariffs were yet to be increased. She said hospital were also a shell of themselves as stocks of essential drugs were unavailable.

The one day Copperbelt Provincial Youth Conference closed on Saturday, September 28, 2019, with the reaffirmation of Hakainde HICHILEMA’s endorsement as party president and 2021 general elections presidential candidate.

Source – Lusaka Times