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Monday, October 25, 2021

UPND’s Frank Tayali breathes fire as he warns PF

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Hon Frank Tayali has dismissed threats alleging that his truck would be impounded. He has told CIC via a phone interview that as per Zambian tradional customs when there is a funeral you cease to do everything until it’s done.

He says he has no time to worry about his truck because it was hard earned and it will move as he wishes it to be so without any trouble that whoever wants trouble with him should dare stand in the way. He says RTSA, police or any law agencies have nothing to worry because the truck is clean , it’s his and as a lawyer himself he would not put something in public like that which has no legal backing. That if PF just wants to play politics with him his more than game to respond.

3 PF branded vehicles are moving around in Ndola to what is now reviewed as challenge of the fittest with more joining the race of branding.

Apart from the highly spotted truck Kabush’s aspiring councillor in a certain ward Mr Hitmus Mulengu has joined the race unveiling his branded taxi car in UPND colors saying if PF are doing it UPND should do it as well.

In Other News: Zimbabwe tycoon burried with US dollars Inside Coffin 

When they see someone swimming in luxury, the jealous always console themselves by saying, “he will leave all this when he dies”. Others are quick to attribute the wealth to witchcraft and goblins could have been acquired to fast-track the riches.Kudzanai Kangara

But whatever people have said or shall say, prominent Bindura gold dealer Kudzanai Kangara who died of Covid-19 at Chitungwiza Hospital on Sunday and was buried in his rural home in Shamva, on Monday, lived a life of...learn more

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