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Us Companies Excited To Invest In Zambia

According to MIKE GONZALES, the US ambassador to Zambia, many US companies have expressed interest in making investments in Zambia.

According to Mr. GONZALES, this is as a result of the helpful policies that the present administration has implemented.

He claimed that the effective measures had increased investor faith in the global community.

Mr. GONZALES said the American government is prepared to support the mining sector in Zambia in an effort to generate real investment when he paid a courtesy call on Mines and Mineral Development Minister PAUL KABUSWE at his office.

And according to Mr. KABUSWE, the Government has made great strides in tackling numerous problems affecting the mining industry.

According to Mr. KABUSWE, the government wants the mining industry to flourish once more, which is why all of the challenges impacting it must be resolved.

He claims that in order to advance, the administration has chosen to resolve disputes impacting some miners outside of court.

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