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US Will Continue To Fund The Yellen Green Climate Fund

The government of the United States has promised to keep contributing to the Green Climate Fund, which assists tens of thousands of farmers in 16 regions of Zambia.


SCRALA, or Strengthening Climate Resilience of Agricultural Livelihoods in Agro-Ecological Regions in Zambia, is an initiative that, according to United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, is assisting in the fight against poverty.


According to Dr. YELLEN, in order for the SCRALA initiative to help many farmers, the United States is worried about food insecurity and will keep funding the Green Climate Fund.

Dr. YELLEN stated Tuesday that strengthening food systems will aid in the fight against poverty on the African continent after seeing farms part of the SCRALA Project in the Njolwe area of the Chongwe District.

Zambia has the ability to feed itself and develop into a major regional food hub, she continued.


The SCRALA Project, according to acting agriculture minister GARY NKOMBO, has significantly improved the lives of many residents in the 16 districts.

According to Mr. Nkombo, the project has given many farmers the tools they need to resist adverse weather and produce harvests that will feed their families.

The Ministry of Agriculture is carrying out the SCRALA Project with assistance from the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and World Food Programme.

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