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USAID praised by government for health sector contribution

USAID praised by government for health sector contribution

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Kennedy Malama has thanked the United States Government for the support they continue rendering to Zambia in tackling health issues the country is facing.

Dr Malama said the government through the Ministry of Health is delighted to have participated in the Back to School Covid-19 awareness event which had put Covid-19 at the center as children go back to school.

The PS said this yesterday in Lusaka at a COVID – 19 awareness event organized in partnership with USAID and the Ministry of General Education.

Dr Malama said it was pleasing that 90 percent of people had recovered from CUSAID praised by government for health sector contributionovid-19 with only 332 Covid-19 deaths recorded in the country.

“As you are aware, Zambia has been recording progress in the fight against Covid-19. In the last two weeks we have seen significant reduction in the positivity rate on a daily basis and it is commendable but people should not relax,” he said

He further added that the emphasis of the event was to remind everyone to abide by the Covid-19 five golden rules.

Speaking at the same event, United States of American Embassy in Zambia Chargé D’affaires David Young said the event was aimed at addressing Covid-19 questions and teaching the school going children good hygiene practices as they go back to school.

Mr. Young stated that the event which was attended by school going children with their teachers and parents was necessary because it reminded the children of the Covid-19 guidelines.USAID praised by government for health sector contribution

He disclosed that the US government spends almost 500 Million Dollars in Zambia and the largest amount is focused on health.

“We are very involved in fighting HIV and AIDS and we have over 1.2 people in Zambia who take Anti-retrial Drugs to keep alive who are HIV positive. We are also much invested in the fight against Covid-19,” added Mr Young.

Mr Young further added that the US government has so far given 400 Million Kwacha to Zambia toward fighting the coronavirus pandemic in the past months.

He advised the school going children to follow the five golden rules in order to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

“let us all follow the five golden rules of Covid-19 which include sanitizing of hands, washing of hands with soap, masking up properly, social and physical distancing. By doing so, we are preventing ourselves and our loved ones from contracting the pandemic,” he further advised.

Several local artists who included Pompi, Wezi, Bflow and many others performed at the children’s event aimed at raising awareness on Covid-19.