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#Uzalo fans are loving Khanyi Mbau’s character

Fans can’t get enough of Uzalo’s new, sexy, unhinged, gun-wielding kasi girl, Dinekile played by one of SA’s most infamous media personalities, Khanyi Mbau.

Although we brought you this news back in February, Mbau made her on-screen debut on the show a few weeks ago and social media has been set ablaze with rave reviews about her performance from Uzalo viewers across the country.


Described as “a shoplifter by trade” who is no stranger to the inside of a jail cell, Lady D is MaNgcobo’s cousin. Considering her area of uh… expertise, MaNgcobo calls upon Lady D to help execute a robbery.


According to Mbau, her character believes she is a glamorous, rich girl who’s a slay queen living thee life. “In true essence, she lives in a shack, she’s never been to the ocean, she’s never had all those things she aspires to have,” said Mbau.


Fans are loving every minute of this, so much so that they take to their social media timelines every night to say so. Even her cast mate, Gugu Gumede is a fan of Lady D.

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