Vee Mampeezy on Losing Millions

Talk about beating the odds! The award-winning musician Vee Mampeezy recently opened up about his life journey on Instagram. The singer said he has been through a lot of ups and downs but he has managed to come back even stronger.

Sharing the intimate details of his life on Instagram, Vee said, “In 2016 I lost 2 million pula try to invest and rebrand my music because I really believed in it, I was even taken to court because I owed a lot of people money I was broke super broke,

“I did that because when I was young in 2002 I was working in a car wash, I took my salary, savings, sold my phone 3310 and my timberland invested in my album and it worked, when I grew up I didn’t understand it was about working smart more than money when all hope was lost and I was bankrupt! Universal Music heard about me signed me. Vee added that his Universal Music deal changed his life. He revealed that they gave him a signing fee and he was able to get an apartment.

Won a Metro FM award, now I’m here selling bread, (ke ole gantsi) but I never gave up!! my road was never easy,” he shared also promising his fans to tell them more tomorrow.

The musician has also previously opened up about his failures. He said even though things are falling into place for him currently, it has not always been like that. He continued, “it took many years of failure making many mistakes and bankruptcy. The spirit of not giving up and learning from mistakes is very important when it comes to success. So let’s go try again.
On his Facebook, Vee shared that he works hard for everything that he has. The star shared a video of himself working on his music. He said he always strives to give his fans quality music.

“3 AM I’m still awake, working with my guys. We haven’t slept since Monday and haven’t seen our families since!! You guys better know I don’t get my stuff for free or easy I work hard to be where I am! And I respect my fans, I will do anything to give them quality. Friday we are shooting a video for this song!!” he shared on one of his Live videos.

Meanwhile, Vee was dragged in the comments section for his music. It seems like fans are not happy with the music that he has been dishing out. They called him out for his “wack” writing skills. They also advised him to get a songwriter.

Yei Marasii Hamusipa responded: “Expensive videos on poor lyrical content songs, that’s how you roll my ni**a. The minute everybody applauds your work, then you, as they say, you are probably doing something wrong.”

Seedorf Radeon: You got all the big boys from SA but your songs sir, are always boring. But videos are on 4k, Beautiful though but improve the quality of your songs.

Source: News365

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