Video: Lady bashes bestie for Sleeping with her man

A viral video on social media shows the moment a lady caught her bestie and gave her the beating of a lifetime for sleeping with her man.

The video shows how the aggrieved lady showed no mercy after ambushing her friend and landing on her with huge blows.

Details of how the betrayal occurred is sketchy, but the information out there accompanying the video says that the ladies are two very close pals.

One of them was dating a guy and the other found a way to get close to him.

Next thing anyone knew, this so-called bestie has started sleeping with her best friend’s man!

The friend found out and to no one’s shock, she was not pleased.

She fished out her friend and disciplined her with severe blows.

The video has since gone viral.

In Other News: Innocent Kalimanshi and 37 others arrested for drug possession

The Drug Enforcement Commission -DEC- has arrested 38 suspects for being in possession of drugs and offensive weapons among other things. Among the suspects that have been apprehended is Innocent Kalimanshi and Nathan Phiri who were found with high grade cannabis, in their vehicle which has since been seized.

DEC Director-General Musonda Simwayi says the Commission has seized the premises where the group carries out its illegal activities in Chawama and will remain closed until further notice. Dr. Simwayi says among those picked was also...learn more

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