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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Video: Looting South African Police Officer busted

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Another police officer in full uniform was caught looting last night. Those expected to stop the problem are now taking part in looting. SAPS  never rests in Mzansi. In the video the police officer accepts he has been looting as seen by the evidence in his car.

Citizens protecting their goods are surprised to see one person they think they can rely on looting from them. All the violence is not stopping and seem to be getting worse after the President addressed the nation.

Some videos of people being beaten by the authorities are circulating but destruction seems to have worsened. Building M13 in Durban was set on fire last night again. Another warehouse in River Horse Valley in Durban was also set on fire. The destruction of property will cost the nation at large and issues need to be addressed.

Reports also confirm that residents in Limpopo allegedly killed a bottle store thief before stealing what he had stolen. All this violence, looting and destruction of property started the day the former President Jacob Zuma was put in prison. Now people say they will stop all this if he is released from prison.

The President Cyril Ramaphosa warned those involved in looting and violent acts. However, people were not moved and are continuing to destroy buildings and shops. Political figures like Julius Malema are blaming Ramaphosa for failing South Africa. They are also against the idea of having soldiers in the streets to stop people.

Many feel President Ramaphosa needs to talk to people and listen to their needs not to protect himself and interested parties. It is now clear Jacob Zuma is one of the most loved President to ever rule in South Africa.



Radio and TV personality Penny Lebyane has expressed her heartache with the ongoing lootings that are happening in South Africa currently. Penny’s sister’s beauty salon was looted yesterday following the lootings that are happening in the country. She took to…learn more

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