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Video of George Bester Slapping his son that went Viral – WATCH



George Bester slaps son for poor school results

In case you are wondering, what’s the fuss about this George Bester video and maybe you missed it… Here is the video, watch it and tell us if the man did anything wrong with regards to our African Culture.

This video, however, got him in trouble with the police as he was summoned to answer for the slapping incident.


We reported earlier that, The Zambia Police Service has summoned George Bester, a man seen in a video making rounds on social media slapping his son, for allegedly producing poor school results.

In the said video, Bester is seen slapping the boy, while complaining about the money he has spent on the boy for school books and tuition fees.

A voice of a woman, believed to be his wife, is heard pleading with Bester to stop beating the boy.

According to a call-out dated April 10, 2020, Bester was required to report to the Child Protection Unit offices at the Ministry of Community Development near Levy Junction yesterday, April 21, for purposes of inquiries.

In Other News – 4 More people test positive to Covid-19 in Zambia, Total now 74

Four more people have tested positive to the coronavirus over the past 24 hours in Zambia. Three hundred and twenty-two (322) people were tested over the past 24 hours and of those tests, 4 came out positive to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among these four who tested positive, one is a doctor. Zambia’s Covid-19 cases, now stand at 74, with 3 deaths, with 35 discharged and 36 active Covid-19 cases.

These four new Covid-19 cases, that Zambia recorded, are from Chilenje, George, Matero and Kafue. Efforts are being made to track those that were in contact with the 4 who tested positive to the disease.

Remember if at all you suspect that something is wrong, self isolate and contact authorities as soon as possible. Call the Toll Free Covid-19 Number – 909 or SMS CORONA to 878.



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