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Video of Mai Pondo the woman who cheated with Bev’s hubby in the bedroom with another married guy

The drama keeps unfolding as raunchy dancer Bev Sibanda is crying over her marriage as he caught her husband cheating with a number of women in the UK where he is based.

The hubby is a doctor and it has been revealed that he is cheating Bev with multiple women including married ones also. Below are some of the pictures of the popular woman Bev Sibanda’s hubby has been dating who has managed to make Beverly cry and expose her husband shenanigans…

So apparently it is being said that Mai Pondo aka Pela is actually a thigh vendor but she just does it at an advanced level. Pictures and videos are coming out. She is a serial cheater and she goes after married guys. Check the video below…

In Other News: Zahara in hot soup

Songbird ordered to hand in the passport! Award-winning songbird Zahara is facing the possibility of going to prison for four years or paying a hefty fine if the state finds her guilty on seven counts of tax evasion.

ZharaThis is according to a charge sheet, which was seen by the publication, prepared by the National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) South Gauteng Tax Unit against the...learn more

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