Home Videos Video of Man carrying woman on a bicycle while K!SSING causes chaos

Video of Man carrying woman on a bicycle while K!SSING causes chaos

Man Kissing Woman on Bicycle

Video of Man carrying a woman on a bicycle while K!SSING causes chaos on social media and WhatsApp Groups… Who said you need to be rich to have a good time on Valentine’s Day?

If you have the means and the charm, you can make any woman smile on this day of love. This was the case for this couple in the video we gathered. The man who is riding his bicycles and also K!ssing his woman has sparked chaos on social media.

Couple kissing on bicycle

For real you can be happy with the one with the little you have in your pockets. The cameraman of the hit video made it all interesting with his commentary and we were all left in stitches.

Watch the video below, which might be the hottest video this Valentine’s Day… I wonder what can be a better gift than that?

What present did you get your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Tell us in comments…

In Other News – Valentine’s Wedding Proposal Goes Wrong – Woman throws away the ring and flowers

The biggest questions that most men who are in a relationship is, How will I ask her to marry me. What is the best venue or place to pop the question? But most of all, what is the best day to ask her if she will be my wife.

One thing is for sure though, after watching this video, you will think twice before popping the question in public. Ever since that KFC wedding in South Africa, many people have been popping that important question in public, but in the below video, everything went terribly wrong!

Wedding Proposal Goes Wrong

What is surprising is, the woman said yes first and then the man put a ring on her finger. The lady abruptly stood up and threw away the flowers he had given her before removing the ring and tossing it away. To make it all worse she stood up and walked away leaving the man shocked. Continue Reading