Home Zambia News Video: Policeman caught on video calling President Lungu “Lungu takapite”

Video: Policeman caught on video calling President Lungu “Lungu takapite”

Video: Policeman caught on video calling President Lungu

An emotional PF cadre cries to Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo claiming that a traffic officer predicted that President Edgar Lungu would lose next year’s to elections.

Police punishes officer accused of saying “Lungu takapite”, transfers him to Western Province.

Deputy Inspector General in charge of Operations Bonny Kapeso says the police service has transferred a traffic officer
whom an unnamed PF cadre accused of predicting President Edgar Lungu’s defeat in next year’s elections.

This morning, a video surfaced of an emotional cadre crying to Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo that a traffic police officer predicted that President Lungu would lose the elections next year. The unidentified masked officer is however not audible in the clip.

In the video, the hysterical cadre said “batudelela sana aba (police).”
It is unclear when or where the footage was recorded.
In a statement, Kapeso said, “We have already taken action against the officer.”
Kapeso said the officer had since been removed from traffic duties and transferred to Western Province for further deployment under general duties.

“The Inspector General of Police, Mr Kakoma Kanganja, will not Condon indiscipline among the rank and file of the Police Service and members of the public must also not attempt to assume police roles for which they are not trained,” warned Kapeso.

Kampyongo overrules Kapeso on transfer of traffic officer accused of saying “Lungu takapite”
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says it was wrong for Deputy Inspector General of Police Bonny Kapeso to transfer the traffic Police Officer who was involved in an altercation with a PF cadre before investigating the matter.
Speaking at a press briefing held at his office in Lusaka today, Kampyongo said police must fully investigate the matter involving an altercation between a Lusaka Traffic Police Officer and a PF cadre before making any hasty decision.
And Kampyongo says 169,122 people have been issued with NRCs in the ongoing phase one Mobile Issuance of National Registration Cards.

Source: Kalemba