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Video: Prophet Joshua Iginla’s prophesy on August 12 Zambian elections

Nigerian preacher Joshua Iginla says no one can bend the will of God in Zambia’s August 12 general election.

In his latest message, Prophet Iginla reminded the PF that no matter what they will do against the will of the people, it will not work.

“Let the will of the people reflect in the election. If you try to bend the will of people, you can’t bend the will of God, either for A or for B. It’s very important, there’s no need for bitterness,” he said last Sunday. “You can attack the prophet but you can’t attack the message. If it goes to A, praise God! If it goes to B, praise God! If I were any of you, if my chair falls down and God says ‘Judases are going to make the chair fall down’, you should deal with the chair and not the prophet who has talked. Deal with the people who are breaking the legs of my chairs and correct things, that’s all.”

He said no matter how much those in PF would insult him it would not work to change the status quo.

Prophet Ignila reminded the ruling party about the prophesies he had earlier uttered in their favour and they came to pass.

“And like I said last week, and I remain on my point, that it is in the destiny of HH to be President of Zambia – Hakainde Hichilema; it is in his destiny,” he added. “The prophesy is so clear, there should be no confusion. Is it his destiny – of the opposition to rule? I stand again, I said this five years ago, and I’m saying it again; it is his destiny! There’s nothing anybody can do about it. Is it the time? I think so. Hallelujah!”

Prophet Ignila said it was the desire of everyone to see peace in Zambia during and after this Thursday’s elections.

“As a prophet of God, God has given us a mandate. And our mandate is to intercede for nations. We’ve been doing it for years and we’ll continue to do that. And like I said last week, Zambia is a great nation. And by August 12 this week, they will be having their election. And one of the things we want to see is peace,” he said. “The election is very important and crucial to the citizens of Zambia. Zambians, Zambia is your motherland; and the labours of your heroes shall never be in vain. To all the participants in this election, one of the most important things is the peace of Zambia. If there’s peace, then the economy will boom; we’ll be able to eradicate starvation, we’ll be able to correct the errors. When there is restlessness and there’s no peace, then we have problem.”

He warned those that would lose the election against being bitter and putting the country on fire.

“There is no need for hate speech at this time. The most important part of this election is for peace after the election. Why [do] we think of bitterness? There’s no need to witch-hunt anybody. The most important thing is, let’s arrest poverty, let’s arrest inequality,” said Prophet Ignila. “Let’s deal with corruption that befalls most African countries; and even developed nations. So, I want to plead with the leaders and the game players in this election to know that whatever we do after this election will either make Zambia or break Zambia. If you have done well as a president there’s no need to fear. You’ll be re-elected. If you have not done well you must listen to the voice of God. If you have corrected the errors, there’s no need to be afraid. But if you have not done that you expect the results by yourself.”


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