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VP warns UPND cadres

Vice-President Mutale Nalumango has cautioned UPND cadres against causing political violence, saying she will not allow them to become new thugs on the citizens. Mrs Nalumango, in reaction to the assault on Kasama District Administrative Officer, which was captured on video, said under her watch, no woman will again be intimidated, humiliated and assaulted by cadres.

She said not even UPND cadres should expect sympathy from her if they find themselves in conflict with the law of the land.

“Not even my own Children from the UPND should expect my sympathy if they find themselves in direct confrontation with the rule of law. These are things we campaigned against which put smiles of hope on the faces of many women across the country, we fought running battles with thugs until they surrendered but we shouldn’t be the new thugs on the Zambian Citizens,” Mrs Nalumango said.

“We haven’t forgotten the Kasama case as a serious crime. Not under my watch as Vice President will women again be intimidated, humiliated and assaulted by suspected cadres as was the case in Kasama last week. Zambians have gone through a lot and now is the time to stop all kinds of thuggery crimes. Both President Hakainde Hichilema and I have committed ourselves fully to ensuring this goal is achieved without fail.”

She said the case of the Kasama assault must be handled very professionally.

“I don’t expect anyone to sympathize with those suspected criminals who went on to attack a District Administrative Officer right in her office. Like the President said, Police do not need to wait for an instruction from anyone but they must always act swiftly to protect all citizens, regardless of their social groupings and political affiliations,” Mrs Nalumango said.

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