A YOUNG woman shocked a Lusaka local court when she said that she went to stay with another man because whenever her husband acquires a girlfriend he becomes sexually inactive with her.

Testifying in a case where her husband Enock Kalipa, a 26-year-old bus driver sued her for divorce after separating for six months, Esnart Muzimu, 23, of Kabanana compound, said she is still young and has feelings. The two married in 2013 and have a child, and Muzimu is four months pregnant. Dowry was paid.

Kalipa told Senior Court Magistrates Miyanda Banda and Pauline Newa at Matero Local Court that problems started six months ago when Muzimu told him that she was going for prayers not knowing that she had a boyfriend.

He said Muzimu used to return home around 19:30 hours but her friends told him that they finished prayers at 11:00 hours. Kalipa added that he sent Muzimu back to her parents but he was shocked when another man married her three days later.

He said their child showed him where Muzimu had shifted to and that he got details of the man, Davies Ng’uni, who married his wife.

He said he sued Ng’uni for adultery, which was proved in the same court. He produced the certificate of judgment dated January 2018 before the court.

“Ng’uni was charged K15, 000 but when he was about to start paying he ran away and Muzimu started following me again,” Kalipa said.

In defense, Muzimu said problems started in 2014 because she did not know Kalipa’s salary and that he would leave her in a rented house without support. She explained that she was tired of Kalipa and that it was better they divorce.

“I went to another man because whenever Kalipa has a girlfriend he fails to perform in bed, he says I should go to another man. I am young, I have feelings and Kalipa wouldn’t even want to be touched,’’ said Muzimu.

Muzimu said Kalipa is responsible for her four-month pregnancy because he was following her to make love and that he has since married his landlord’s child after impregnating her.

Passing judgment, the court said that it has seen that Kalipa sued Davies Ng’uni for adultery and was proved.

The court noted that Muzimu said Kalipa was leaving her in a rented house but wondered how she could stay with another man when she was still married to Kalipa.

The court granted the divorce without compensation but ordered Kalipa to pay K300 monthly child maintenance fee and prepare for the pregnancy. No household property will be shared.

source: Zambian observer

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