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Warma issues flood warnings for the Central Provinces and Lusaka

Following an increase in water levels, the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) has issued flood advisories for three districts in the Central and Lusaka Provinces.

The Mulungushi River in Kabwe District is presently exhibiting a trigger of a medium flood, which is anticipated to peak on January 28th, according to WARMA Public Relations Officer MUBIANA NALWENSO.

The floods, according to Mr. NALWENDO, may have an impact on the fields in Mulungushi village, King George Youth College, Chebende Village, Mwilaba Village, and Mulungushi University.

According to him, major flooding along the Mkushi River in the Luano District is expected to begin tomorrow and intensify by January 28.

And in the province of Lusaka, Mr. NALWENDO claimed that beginning in the second week of February, there is a chance of light flooding along the Luangwa River.

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