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Wayne Mwenya Mulenga becomes the 1st known Zambian to be officially involved in a gay marriage – (SEE PHOTOS)

Mr. Wayne Mwenya Mulenga (in pink jacket) has become the first known Zambian to be officially involved in gay marriage.

He hopes to celebrate the marriage in Zambia before his extended family.Wayne Mwenya Mulenga1

But his relatives will have none of the embarrassment and have advised him to keep his “Ubushilu” in UK.Wayne Mwenya Mulenga2

Mulenga runs a home care facility called Prestige Nursing Home Care.

In Oher News – Kalomo cop shots himself dead at police station

A police officer only identified as Constable Lwambo in Kalomo in the late hours of last night shot himself dead within the premises of the police station.Constable LwamboAccording to sources that spoke to Millennium radio, the officer who is suspected to have come from a drinking spree went to...learn more

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