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Jamie Foxx does the gwara gwara and we can’t actually deal

Jamie Foxx

Can someone please hook up US star Jamie Foxx with a South African ID and a new African surname, the dude is nailing our dances like a pro. The actor, musician and comedian had the streets sweating on Tuesday when he showed off his other talent, dancing, in a social media video. In the video Jamie does a number of moves, including a pretty great gwara gwara.

Jamie explained in the caption that there are only three reasons someone will find him breaking it down on the dance floor. I dance like this when 1. The caffeine kicks in. 2. the check clears. 3. Just got through watching the opening of Coming to America,” he wrote. The video was liked by over 230,000 fans and drew compliments from around the world. Even local rapper Cassper Nyovest was impressed, commenting: “Hahahahaha. Jamie foxx doing the gwara gwara. This dance is straight outta South Africa.

Jamie Foxx

DJ Bongz, who is seen by many as the father of the gwara gwara, also gave it his stamp of approval, leaving laughing emojis.

The dance has swept Hollywood in recent years and has been used by Chris Brown, Rihanna, Swizz Beatz, BTS and Childish Gambino’ In fact the demand for the dance was so great that DJ Bongz even flew to the US to give classes.

Jamie Foxx

“I was asked to hold a workshop and teach people the gwara gwara. After the Rihanna performance I got a lot of calls and I am excited by the opportunity. I created the dance from scratch and it feels so special to have it shown on an international stage like the Grammys. It shows that Africa can make a big impact on international dance,” he told TshisaLIVE last year.

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Source: Timeslive