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We miss the Nawty Iris Kaingu

Iris Kaingu
Selfie Moments are always Amazing

Gone are the days when Iris Kaingu’s Instagram used to be hot and spicy. We didn’t mind the scandals week in and week out. But now it seems all that is gone and what’s left is the responsible Zambian Celebrity.

Checking her latest Instagram posts we see that the beautiful Iris Kaingu has now turned a new leaf. No more semi-nacked pictures that used to get us drooling. Her latest pictures even focus more on her love for Africa and how she is devoting her 2 years to making Zambia better.

Iris shared the below picture and had this to say – “We all have different stories that shape our lives but here on our African soil, we are one and I’m so Proud to be African. Here is to the African Heroes : our fore fathers who fought for our freedom. 

Iris KainguI will devote the next years of my life to Service of my country. Leaving no one behind and making every Zambian count!!
. One Zambia One Nation. 🇿🇲”

Iris Kaingu

We clearly miss the good old days when we would see steamy pictures from the nawty celebrity. Where are the scandals that we are used to? The scandals that used to define Iris Kaingu. We miss the nawty Iris Kaingu.

The beaut that is Iriis Kaingu doing Yoga poses

We blame the political game that she has joined for all this. I wonder who will trust Iris Kaingu enough to vote for her? Whenever I think of her as a candidate all I think of is her involvement in all those scandals. Would you vote for Iris Kaingu? Tell us in the comments!

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As fear to get tested for Covid-19 grips, two expectant mothers of Kasempa District, North Western Province have died while giving birth at their villages. The duo opted to stay away from accessing medical services from Mukinge Mission Hospital, the only hospital in the district on myths that the testing kits at the facility have Covid-19.

Mukinge Mission Hospital Executive Director Jairos Fumpa disclosed that the hospital which has been providing free advanced medical services since its establishments in 1953, has recorded very low numbers of expectant women since mandatory screening for Covid-19 was introduced. See More