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What motivates people to travel?

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French novelist Gustav Flaubert one said: “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” And how accurate he was.

With people travelling more than ever, one has to ask what motivates people to want to pack their bags and explore the world?
Bayut.com recently surveyed over 1,200 people from the U.S. and the U.K. about their travel goals to find out what the most desirable getaway spots were.
52% Of the participants were female, and 48% were male. Participants were aged between 16 to 77 years old.

People were motivated to travel to learn about themselves, other people and about the places. Majority of those surveyed- whether beginner, intermediate or season travellers- visited a destination to learn about the place
The survey found that nearly 82% of travellers planned to visit a specific place, while 17% said they enjoyed travelling but had no definitive destinations in mind.

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Around 1 % did not enjoy travelling and had no plans to travel, 5,3 % did not enjoy but had specific plans to travel and 17,2 % enjoyed travelling but had no plans to travel.
According to the survey findings, people were committing more time for vacations than in the past.

New York City and Japan were on their bucket list.

The survey read: “A majority of people also keep travel bucket lists. Countries like Italy, Japan, and France were among the most common travel destinations, including cities like Paris and New York City.

Source: IOL

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