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WhatsApp introduces Disappearing messages


The latest WhatsApp beta update for Android includes the first signs of its upcoming “Disappearing Messages” feature, WABetaInfo reports.

This feature is still under development, and it has been included in the new beta update for the Android version of the messaging app.

Once implemented, users will reportedly be able to toggle Disappearing Messages on or off through the settings menu for individual groups or chats.

When Disappearing Messages is turned on for a chat, all messages sent by participants will be removed after a pre-defined interval.

The current implementation of this functionality allows messages to be automatically deleted from a chat after either five seconds or one hour.

The Disappearing Messages feature is still under development, and there is currently no official launch date for this functionality.

WABetaInfo noted that Disappearing Messages is not yet available, and may not appear for users even after they update to the latest beta version of WhatsApp on Android.

The WhatsApp beta for iOS does not include this feature at the moment.

Facebook is working on a number of new features for its WhatsApp messaging platform, including the possible integration of Facebook Pay, which was revealed in the last beta update for the Android version of the app.

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