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When attempting to murder Argentina’s vice president, a gun jams

(BBC) The vice-president of Argentina narrowly escaped being shot when the gunman’s rifle jammed as he was aiming at her.

Video captures the moment Cristina Fernández de Kirchner came face to face with the loaded weapon while being surrounded by a crowd of fans.

The former president was traveling back home after appearing in court to answer to corruption charges. She rejects the accusations.

Police reported that the shooter, who was named by local media as a 35-year-old Brazilian guy, had been apprehended.

They are trying to determine why the left-leaning populist, who served as Argentina’s president from 2007 to 2015 and as first lady for four years prior to that, was attacked.

Five bullets were put into the gun, but it did not discharge when the trigger was pulled, according to President Alberto Fernández.

Social media videos show the rifle emerging from the crowd as Ms. Fernández de Kirchner ducks and covers her ears while crouching to escape it.

Another video shows the throng trying to shield Ms. Fernández de Kirchner from the alleged shooter as he approached her at close range. Since a few nights ago, people have been congregating in front of her house to show their support as she fights allegations that she defrauded the state and participated in a plot to transfer public funds while she was president.

A weapon was discovered a short distance from the site after the suspect had been apprehended, a police official earlier told the Reuters news agency.

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