When is a good time to set mine with a pocket pair?

Imagine re-raising with pocket sevens and watching the dealer reveal the flop anxiously. When they reveal the seven, your anxiety goes away, and you start counting your opponent’s cards. You intend to win it all. You will never find a thrill like this in poker – to hit a set. The costliest mistake to make at a table is chasing this feeling at the wrong time.

So, which one would you set, and which one would you toss in the muck? What I am about to share with you will answer all your questions. Before we begin, I want to ensure we’re on the same page by understanding what set mining means.

Set Mining definition

Set Mining is asking for a preflop raise with a pocket pair with the intention of set flopping. The moment you see a bet coming your way and miss which has an 88% chance of happening you’ll fold. If you hit, however, you will attempt to build and gain money from your unsuspecting players.

Tips to set mine with a Pocket Pair

For you to raise with more players behind you, your pocket pair must be stronger.

The player behind you who has a hand strong hand to 3-bet will put you at risk of being squeezed out of the pot. For small pocket pairs, it is a disaster, since they will be forced to fold before seeing the flop. A player who is in UTG+1 isn’t likely to call a UTG raise in a  game with tight ranges since only 7 players are behind. You could get away with pockets calling if you’re on the button.

As long as there are weak players and they can’t 3-bet, you can call more pocket pairs. With every pocket pair down to 22, you can justify calling if you’re on the button and both blinds are weak.

If the main raiser calls you after your cold call, don’t set mine

Unless you experiment with solvers a lot, this might shock you. When you’re about to set mine, overcalling according to PokerSnowie is a lost move. In most cases, the ranges in set mining are over strong and the size of the three-bet is too large to make it a winning strategy. If you are playing against two excellent players, this advice will be more applicable to high-end games, as you won’t be able to stack as often as to earn money.

When the squeezer is weak (which is extremely common), neither of them will have the skills (understanding discipline and range vs range)to make your overcall profitable. So, you call a weak hand, hope for the best and take a 3-way flop. You can always set your mine if the pot odds look good and the main raiser folds.

Moreover, free bets can help contribute to a positive overall experience.  Besides, you should know that receiving free bets on bet365 is easy. These are top features that punters target in order to improve their winning chances.

Before setting up mining, take into account the 3-bet size

You will find many charts online that presume your opponent will 3x your raised amount when in position and 3.5x a raised amount when they are out of position. You will need to adjust your range to their 3-bet size inversely proportional, however, if you encounter a player who utilizes smaller or larger 3-bet sizes. Alternatively, you can arrange mine to be smaller more often and larger less often.

Some players can squeeze over 5x the size of the raise. It is only possible to raise this way with JJ or more, according to PokerSnowie. However, if the player squeezed to a size that was significantly smaller than the initial raise, using your lowest pocket pairs you can call.

You should call with more pocket pairs the moment you notice how tight your opponent’s 3-betting range

The former tip can be completely turned because of this concept. Consider raising with 55 to 2.5bb and your opponent 3-betting to 12.5bb from the button (effectively 100bb). You know this player well, so you believe the range he plays only consists of AA and KK.

To win 28bb, you must call 10bb, which means if you need a 36% equity before you can call. There is only 19% equity in 55 versus KK and AA, but you’ll still call. Why? Because you will almost always be able to take his entire stack every time you flopset. you will flop a set approximately 1 out of 8 times. So, if yo flop the set, you need to win more than 8 times what you bet as a preflop call to make a profit.

In contrast, you will not be able to profitably call if your opponent has a wide 3-betting range since you will rarely win his stack when you hit a set. Most of the time, he won’t be able to pay you off.


When done right, set mining is fun and profitable, but if you don’t understand the mechanics, it can be frustrating.

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