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Why did it take so long for Government to announce Dr.Kaunda’s death?

Yesterday Zambia was rocked with the news of our beloved first President Kenneth Kaunda’s death. We got the news from private media, from friends posts on Facebook, Twitter, South African news channels , BBC . ..everywhere but our own Government sources. I even tried going to President Edgar Lungu’s facebook page but alas only to find campaign posts. ZNBC was totally useless with just broadcasting PF campaign adverts.

The headline news on ZANIS NEWS on TV1 at 20hrs was – Matero level 1 hospital overwhelmed!!No mention at all about the passing of our first President.

What kind of people do we have running the country!! Are you telling me that President Lungu was not able to receive verified communications whilst he was in Western Province flagging off the 2021 Crop marketing programme? Why did it take him so long to issue a statement.

I am disappointed with our Government and terrified at the levels of incompetency exhibited.

In Other News: Tembisa 10 mother arrested

The South African Police Services and Gauteng Department of Social Development stand accused of alleged abuse of power after the mother of the Tembisa decuplets Gosiame Sithole was detained by police in the early hours of Thursday.

According to her lawyer, Refiloe Mokoena, police kept Sithole against her will and denied her access to legal representation, saying they needed to...learn more

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