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Why Quick S.e.x Is The Best


WHAT do noodles and Usain Bolt have in common?

They both are quick in their execution and both are loved worldwide.

With the emphasis placed on quickness, this then brought about an interesting comparison between the two and quick s.e.x, AKA a quickie.

A quickie requires the skill of timely execution, and according to experts, being able to run a sprint is better than running a tedious marathon.

Quickie sex is fun, intense, and makes you feel super desirable and you need to have more of it.

Referred to as drive-through s.e.x, a quickie allows you to grab that much-needed s.e.x bite on the go.

According to sexologists, an unscheduled, lightning-fast hook-up can be super energising.

Intimacy coach Irene Fehr shared the same sentiments about the energising experience of a quickie:

“What makes a quickie powerful and satisfying is some form of energetic or emotional foreplay that leads up to it that creates the sense of ‘I want you, right here, right now.’”

Furthermore, a quickie is proven to be great for your hormones.

Tons of hormones are released during s.e.x, which is what makes it feel so good.

However, with a quickie, all those hormones get released super fast, which leads to that thrilling, bursting, exciting sensation you feel afterwards.

In conclusion, noodles are a meal and sprints are just as healthy as long-distance runs.

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